Sometimes just getting away, changing your routine, changing your surroundings can be what we need.

No doubt we can and do get on autopilot way too much !

Like myself many of you are plugged in all day with smart phones, cell phones, ipads, laptops, desk tops, pagers, oodles of text messages, twitter, facebook and who knows what else.

Productive tools-sure. Necessary tools- probably. Relaxing tools-maybe sometimes.

I sneak away to Northern Michigan every now and then when I can to refuel, slow down and smell the roses, the bonfire, or the leaves burning.

Up “there” forget finding high speed internet. Spotty 3G coverage is the best you can hope for.

Cell coverage–maybe if you are in the right spot, can stand on one foot, raise your right arm and don’t breath the wrong way.

This is the modern day definition of ‘roughing it” !

This maybe is what you need.

Get back in touch.

You, your family, your business probab"Find A Way To Get Away"ly need it !

PS This is a peek at what sneaking away looks like.