Washington DC is a mess. I don’t care what party you support. Both parties have adopted- we are right and you are wrong attitudes. It is my way or nothing. If you don’t like , shove it.

This is the attitude of those that are advertised to be the leaders of our country.

It’s the “I can’t play nice” in the sandbox syndrome.

Our key officials are pouting.

I long for the times when Congress looked for middle ground.

A time when the ” can I get re-66elected polls” were not instantaneous and tweeted every ten minutes.

I’ll never, ever understand politics. There is no logic. I avoid politics . It gives me the ‘heebie jeebies”.


This chaos, this mess, this inexcusable behavior reminds me of the dulling of our senses, the

dehumanizing of traditional values, the ignorance of personal relationships, and the massive settling

society has embraced.


Ageless advice our forefathers shared, the inspiration they provided is ignored. It has been swept under the carpet in most households just to rot.

Values in God, love, friendship, family, laughter, reflecting and pausing to give thanks are darn near a fairy tale.

Story book tales.

Fantasy movies.

Ancient history.

Well I am tired of this outrageous, misdirected attitude.

I personally refuse to adopt it and do all I can to bring those simple values back into the lives of many.

My book “A Leprechaun In Your Pocket” reminds you and perhaps teaches you how to turn away from the “junk” that is in the news and saturates television each and every day.

Junk that brainwashes society to what people want us to believe.

I had to make a stand.

I hope you will too.

I encourage to order a copy this book if you haven’t yet. http://aleprechauninyourpocket.com

I encourage you to talk about the principles, the advice, the inspiration with your family and within your community.

Please, don’t just listen to me.

Give my words some thought.

I think you will agree with what I have to say.

If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have read this far in this post.

It’s time we do something before it too late.

If you don’t know how, contact me or watch for one of my talks or workshops.

I’ll help you.

Your family and community may need my help to get the ball rolling and make some changes to today’s society.

I need your help to spread the word.

One person, one family, one community at a time.

A Leprechaun in your Pocket cover