Ok, ok are there rules against thinking???

Listen to this.

The major expressway that I take to my office today had a major accident. I don’t know but I hope the folks are ok.

Traffic was back up for 6-8 miles. Drivers in four lanes were squeezed down to a half lane just to get by. Folks were late, not happy discouraged. It was rush hour.

But wait it gets better !

Less than a mile from this accident just as 4 lanes start to open up–as folks remember where the gas pedal is, the Department of Transporatation is dropping ORANGE barrels to narrow down the 4 lanes to one lane for road repairs.

Traffic back ups are getting longer and longer.

A radical out of the box thought.

Perhaps road repairs could have been delayed until the backup traffic went by. Perhaps the road crew could have let police and support vehicles clear the accident first. Perhaps road repairs could have been delayed until this afternoon, tomorrow morning??

This radical thinking would require thought. Thinking. Wow !!

I already know why this didn’t happen. The road crew and their supervisors don’t get paid enough to think. That costs extra !

I was told this by one of my employees years ago.

Just before she hit the door.

Requiring people to think.

My God what is this world coming to ???