It has been awhile since posted. I have many excuses but they are just that. The only semi-legit situation is a 6 week sinus infection that just won’t go away. If someone has a Hawaiian condo I can use for 3-4 weeks that may clear it up !

I though maybe we could get a discussion going on your five favorite Christmas gifts of all time.

To get this discussion going, here are mine:

1) Train Set.-American Flyer with all the trimmings.. Around our house there rarely was any extra money. Dad would be laid off every year. In a good year that would be 2-3 weeks. Sometimes it was several months. My sister Kathy and I always knew there we be goodies under the tree but this was a total surprise.

2) Chemistry Set. – I got the deluxe model with extra professional stuff donated from the lab at Dad’s shop. (I didn’t send a thank you note). My first quest was to mix all the stuff we were warned to never mix. A few burns, fires and burning lungs later, I was OK.

3) My first hockey stick. I was only for “shinny” but something I wanted for awhile. Mom and Dad would not buy this for some reason but Grandma came through!

4) The rest of the hockey equipment. No more borrowed white figure skates and no more taped copies of magazines. There were some oversized magazines back then we would look for on trashday. A bundle of those were like gold to protect your shins ! Does anyone remember the names of these “big boys?” The “Post” ?

5) My first stereo set. Some called it advance “hi-fi”. It was a right of passage to start to listen loud to some good “ol rockin roll !


Alright, who is next? What Christmas memories do you have ?