Sorry I haven’t posted recently.

Times have been beyond crazy.

In the last 3 weeks, I have have attended 6 funerals or viewings. I’ll attend another viewing tomorrow and a funeral Thursday.

I have had some funky stomach bug, my wife was sick and we rushed my son to emergency after he passed out at the house. As I started to write this, I received a call another friend who just went into emergency, I’ll go see him later today.

Another friend was scheduled for surgery during all this but was delayed until after the first of the year.

Oh ya, we were behind in our Christmas preparations before all this and these events didn’t speed things up.

We did get to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with family and it was special time but it had this cloud overhead.

We were able to thank the Lord during this special season and properly reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

I had some clever Holiday thoughts and suggestions for you all but we were busy just hanging on.

I had to dig deep to follow some of my own teachings and to recall what I was taught years ago by Vic Johnson and Bob Proctor.

Sometimes, holding on is all we can do for awhile.

For now we are holding on and planning for a Fantastic New Year!