I apologize for not posting as much as I should. This last week or so there was a snow storm, 3 funeral visitations, and 3 more sick people to worry a tad about.

The week didn’t “flow” as I planned.

Been there ?

I even had the best of plans to work on this Saturday night but got lost having dinner out.

The restaurant was busy AND not having a good day.

By the time I got back to the house both my dog, Annabelle and I were wiped out.

No gas left in the tank.

Been there ?

Sunday was the day I really, really was “gonna” write something deep but my friend Larry offered to fix a couple saws of mine that have been out of service since Christmas and before.

Larry, is a retired machine repairman .

He had problems finding out what the hell was up with my two saws but ultimately fixed them both.

Now if I get time, I can tackle a few projects I have been wanting to get to.

Yeah !

After, the repairs , Larry and I just got caught up.

We had talked a few times quickly on the phone over the last couple months but this was our first private face to face in a long, long time.

Larry had been sick, a mutual friend had been sick and friend’s daughter had some major, major life challenges.

We had to catch up and we did.

So sorry for the delay but this is just more social proof, things don’t always go as we plan.

Dare we say, seldom ?

So gang, you are not alone.

Hang in there.

If life throws you a curve, hang in there.

The fastball is right around the corner.

Then you can knock it out of the park !