Hey ! With the economy in an uptick (?) maybe you are out shopping for a new house.

If so, I found a couple for you.

If you are looking in the Chicago area, a gentleman named Michael Jordan is selling his place.

It is 56,000 square feet,19 baths (no line up), has a circle pool, a putting green , a stocked fishing pond, a wine cellar that holds over 1,000 bottles of Boones Farm and a walk in humidor that is a heck of a lot bigger than my bedroom.

It was last on the market for 21 million but didn’t sell. This bargain is waiting for you as it goes to auction.

Pack up your returnables in the basement and get ready to bid!

In Detroit, Art Van Eslander, better know as Art Van the furniture king, has a smaller 28,ooo square foot home for sale that overlooks Lake St. Clair. For big parties there may be a line up for potty privelages as there only 12 baths. This has a spiral marble staircase to die for, an indoor and outdoor pool and a tennis court. This is listed today for a bargain at 15.9 million.

I have driven by this home for years and it is VERY nice. It is always the best decorated home for Christmas on Lakeshore Drive every year.

Please buy it so I can stop by.

It has the advantage of being owned and I think built by Mr. Van Elslander a true philanthropist . Mr Art Van has probably donated more to the City of Detroit, charities in Detroit, St John’s Hospital in Detroit, than any other person.

He also saved and has sponsored the Thanksgiving parade in town for many, many years.

Folks I know who have met him and spent time with him have told me also he is one heck of a nice guy.

Hats off to Mr. V!

Happy house Hunting !