I sure hope we are and will not be killing anywhere that number of people but one of my mentors Andy Andrews has just released his new book “How Do You Kill 11 Million People”.

I ordered Andy’s book and have already read it. It’s a powerful 72 pages long and challenges people to THINK ! How about that !

My favorite all-time book was written by Andy- ‘TheTraveler’s Gift”. It is required reading for 95 % of my coaching client’s and teachs some valuable lessons in a storybook fashion. “How Do You Kill 11 Million People” forgets the story and gets down to the facts in an “in your face” fashion.

I don’t want to give the story away but Andy and I agree on many, many points that I have discussed in homes, planes, over a cup of coffee and even over a beer or two.

I have 7 points that Andy and I agree upon that he details in his new book. Here they are:

1) Our Country is in BIG trouble
2) It’s not a Democrat/Republican “thing”.
3) The government doesn’t always tell the truth to the media and the media doesn’t always pass on anything that resembles the truth to us.
4) Washington DC has lost touch with the majority of Americans.
5) Our Country is stuck in an “apathy” mode.
6) Most Americans won’t speak their mind. They won’t rock the boat. They are conditioned into thinking they must ‘always play nice in the sand box”.
7)Never question what we called in the 70’s “the Man”, the government is always right !

I could jump on my soapbox for another hour or two but I’ll leave that to Andy and his new book.

This book has to get you THINKING–so…please do. I’d love to hear your feedback once you have read it !!