I’m writing to let you know I’m disappointed !

A couple weeks ago I asked you to share your goals for 2010.

I asked for your top 5 2010 goals.

Those goals could be in any area of your life–financial, career, family, spiritual, personal.

I have talked about keeping balance in those areas before. Hopefully, you remembered that.

I wanted you to reinforce in writing the promises you made to yourself and I hope to at least one other person.

I am also betting that some of you have forgotten your goals or given up already. If this is you, we really need to talk. We need to talk one on one and move you forward. You need to make the first step. It’s time!

When I asked you to let me know your goals, I wanted to share them with everyone so you can see how common many goals are . I received so few responses that for now, I’m not going to share the results until I hear from more of you.

I have to assume you are not committed to those goals, not excited about your goals, don’t have any goals or out and out don’t care.

What ever it is it’s no good.

I think you know that and realize that. I think you have pain just committing. At one time, I did to. You need to be clear on your goals and that isn’t always easy. After you fail to realize a goal, you’re gun shy, hurt, disillusioned. Leave that all behind. Ask for help if you need it. You can not continue to feel stuck, hopeless.

I need for you to step up and declare to me and to everyone what you are going to do.

I don’t want to hear about what you meant to do but I want to know what you will do in 2010.

Get excited and commit.

Talk to me !