Brian Tracy in his classic book “Eat That Frog” helps us all on surefire ways to avoid procrastination.

Frogs to Mr. Tracy is all the stuff we avoiding.

The “stuff” we really don’t want to do.

Procrastination is just another form of fear.

Frequently in my blog, we have addressed fears.

One frog people don’t like, is saying no.

No your company did not win the bid, no I don’t want new storm windows, no I don’t want your credit card, no I decided to buy a different car.


I think we all are guilty of this from time to time but….

I’ll bet you are PO’d when the role is reversed.


Is that potential client I talked to last week coming aboard?

Does (fill in blank) want to join our organization?

Do you want to go out with me Friday night ?

Can you help me with this urgent problem I am having ?

No one calls me back!

What the heck is going on ??

See what happens ?

People don’t want to say no so they hide.

Don’t bitch about this one day and then  hide from people when they call you .

Eat a frog.

Say no.

It’s ok !