When times are good, when business is good, when you have money in the bank the unsophisticated business owner stops or lets up on their marketing efforts.

If business is flowing, why look for more business, is often the misguided mindset that creeps into daily operations.

This viewpoint to dump marketing efforts is very wrong.

Good times is the perfect time to increase, not cutback, on marketing.

Marketing success builds exponentially on momentum.

If the momentum is flowing, ride it as long as you can.

By nature, a lull will kick in no matter how hard you try.

It may be weeks, months or years later.

Ride the momentum as you can.

Figure out what is working well for you and do more of it.

Do it on a larger scale, a new area, a new demographic group, an unexplored new geographic area.

Keep selling even if the business is rolling in.

Don’t ease up.

Grab all that business you can !

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