What is your favorite Wayne Dyer book and why ? I’ll be repeating this request a few times but sure would LOVE your help !

My last requested netted zero comments or emails.(doug@discoveryourmissingpower.com)

Please help.

I need 50 responses as soon as possible. Thanks !

For those of you who do not know Wayne Dyer or need a little something to jog your memory . Wayne is a self-help author and a well known National speaker.

I knew he was born in Detroit & graduated from Wayne State University.

I just found out he graduated from Denby High School, my Mom’s alma mater also.

Wayne now lives in Maui which just makes me jealous as hell !

Wayne teachings have a heavy spiritual slant.

He became a household name after appearances on Merv Griffin, The Tonight Show and Phil Donahue (I just lost everyone under 40 !)

I also just found out he is a Navy vet ! (thanks for your service Wayne!)

I haven’t met Wayne , but I really have strong feelings, I will one day soon.

Please, I am working on a special project and if you will comment or contact me with your favorite book and how it helped you, it will really help !