When was the last time you accomplished the impossible ?

When was the last time you really tried ?

Walt Disney was once quoted “It’s kind of fun doing the impossible” and I couldn’t agree more !

With our crazy times, crazy economy and a continual quest for leadership at all levels, now is the perfect time to excell.

Yes, doing the impossible would be outstanding but you first have to try and then persist.

Too many people I meet give up way too easy.

These folks and the folks I coach want the easy, quick solution.

It doesn’t exist !

Solutions take time. There are formulas to get solutions but sorry folks overnight success is usually months and years of focused work.

I’ve attached a link to show you one example of leadership.

One example of the impossible.

It doesn’t have to be this hard.

Here it is :


Folks I work with never have to work this hard.

Do you have days or weeks maybe months where this is how you feel ?

If so, we need to talk.

Don’t we ?

Stop on by !

Doug Evans