If you do, people are mean !

After church today, Mary Ann & I ran up to the store. I needed a new pair of gym shorts.

While we were in line , a couple were throwing a fit. It was a husband/wife tag tem event. One was on each side of the cash register screaming. The husband was PO’d because they did not have a chip reader for his credit cards(who ever heard of such a thing !) . The wife just kept yelling. I want to call the bank, I want to call the bank (Sunday at 11:30AM) . If you don’t have a chip reader, you must be doing something fishy. You may be stealing from us ! –Geezzzz

Then–as we were walking to our car, some guy busts through us saying-“I gotta get through, I gotta get through”. Evidently he was chasing an emergency–right ??

Finally, as we go down our aisle in the parking lot and get towards the main road in the parking a lot. a car cruising at about 45mph. slows a tad , blows it horn and flips me off — for the loss of 10 mph because hell— I might pull out. Can you imagine going only 35mph in a 15mph zone ? You are da*n near crawling !

I’m not a shopper but if I ever go after church again, I’ll need you to ride shotgun !