Well, the title above is the answer. The question is –name three things that scare the crap out of you !

I kinda like dragons–great for roasting hot dogs ! Snakes aren’t too bad as long as they aren’t 

 poisonous or bite. And……. public speaking for me is kinda fun !!

People walk around with bottled up fear all the time. It cripples some and kills others. It can drive 

you to drink and maybe drugs.

Fear comes in all shapes and sizes and is very personal.

With my anniversary in a couple days, I’ll even mention getting married can be pretty scarey !

Most couples wonder will the marriage work, for how long, how will we pay bills, where will we live and what happens when things go wrong.

Even simplier fears are — will  the wedding plans work out, will we have good weather for the honeymoon and will the bride or groom to be, even show up on the wedding day ??

Fears are real. Working through them is the tough part. Not letting them eat you up inside is the secret.

Face those fears and live your life of dreams.

My seminar , Face Your Fears and Live Your Life of Dreams continues to sell well.

People have fears and always want help. Help avoids paralysis and depression.

Fear equals worry.

Worry equals pain.

Pain equals daily drudgery.

Drudgery equals a life we don’t need or want.

Fear needs to be crushed for an abundant and happy life to result.

What fears are you facing that you will admit ?

What fears are buried deep down inside of you that you have buried for years and years?

Those fears all hold you back.

Now, is the time to face those fears.

Until you do, nothing changes.

Step up !

It may hurt.

It may hurt a lot . There may be tons of pain at first.

The pain won’t last.

You will !

Face those fears!  It is the secret to living your life of dreams.

I’m confident you can do it !

I can’t wait to hear about your world after the fears are long gone !

Get started today !

I’ve got your back !