I frequently get asked about dealing with many types of change and my answer differs a bit depending on the change but I always, always encourage you to embrace change.

The Olympics are on everyone’s minds now a days so let’s look at a few sports page headlines from today’s paper:

– Semi-sweet Americans advance
– Canada ends 50-year losing streak
– A dream denied
– Vonn crashes, breaks finger
– Young Americans still in hunt
– Bragging rights, gold at stake
– Americans get best of Switzerland again
– Once again U.S. shows its tenacity , talent
– A day later, Dutch speerskater deals with gaffe

Headlines that deal with dreams, dream set backs, tenacity, perserverance , competition, ACTION !

Headlines that deal with lifetime hopes, dreams, pursuit. Athletes trying to be their best.

Athletes wanting to be the best in the world.

Bragging rights ?? Oh Yeah !

But, but it is so nice to hear these stories and miss the BS we hear on the news every night.

For a couple weeks this excellence drowns out and takes political corruption, murders, rapes, negative news off the maps. Off the air.

For two weeks postive news, positive people, positive attitudes dominate the news.

Nice isn’t it ??

Why can’t this always be ??

Why does only BS and tragedy sell ?

It’s time for a change.

Let’s start it ! Do your part–spread the word. Let’s start the revolution to focus on the positive.

Let’s convince sponsors to buy air time on shows – on stations that want to change the world.

A dream ?? Probably . A dream that needs attention. A dream that needs action. A dream that is long past due.

Let’s get it started !

I’ll start today. How about you ?? I’m proud to try. Who will join me ???

Doug Evans