Curmudgeons–I was told I was full of you know what and no such word existed.

It was a “Dougism”.

Well it does exist. We had them on our block growing up. Remember Kathy ?

We see them in public all the time. I swear they live on technical support and customer service lines. Many are doctors and attorneys (just kidding ?). Many– 50 years ago or so were Fathers of old girlfriends !

Can you relate ?

Curmudgeon roughly defined as a miser, crusty old guy, bad tempered, difficult. In other words a real S.O.B. !!

So what’s the lesson ??


End of lesson but now let’s have some fun.

Tell me your favorite curmudgeon story. Keep it kinda clean. First or last names only.

It’s time to vent and let go and reveal the scarring of the past.

Mr. Tony of East Detroit , I hope ya retired a zillionaire selling all the baseballs, footballs and hockey pucks you stole from us kids !

Little old lady across from the “C-skis” hope all your calls to the police caught ya one day crying wolf one too many times !

Ok–have fun.

What’s your story??