We all have fears .
We all have weaknesses .
We all struggle at times .
We all can succeed.
We should all have BIG dreams.
We all should live the life we have always dreamed of.

It’s been often said that we are born with only a couple of fears. The two I have heard we are born with are the fear for falling and the fear of loud noises. All of our other fears we acquire as we experience life.

What is the number on fear people have –public speaking. It’s not the fear of heights, the fear of rejection, the fear of AIDS but speaking.

Fears are the result of not having faith.
Not having confidence.
Faith and fear can’t exist in a room at the same time.
Fear is almost always due to not be prepared, not having confidence.

Everyone has to have a game plan on how their lives are to be lived.
It all starts with a dream , then established goals, that require action that will produce results.
It requires us to face our fears then plow ahead and ignore those fears. As we conquer our fears we grow, we get stronger.

It’s time to have faith.
It’s time to believe.
What fear will you face this week ??
What fear will you put behind you forever?
What fear will you conquer to enable you to reach that dream that is so big that you just don’t care what you have to do ??

Go for it ! Believe it ! Do it !!

I believe in you !!