I was asked to submit an article on my views on Father’s Day. My full article has been published in a few different spots but here is a recap of what I discussed.

I speak to the Dads out there but Moms this is for you too !

As Father’s you are stuck, yes stuck being responsible for a few things.

Just to name a few:
– providing a comfortable life style for your children
– spiritual guidance
– unconditional love
– protection
– provide a role model
– and much, much more

Unfortunately, too many parents out there don’t even provide these basics.

Excuses of being tired, it’s tough, it eats up my time and 25 other excuses seem to be offered all to easily.

All to frequently we hear it’s not up to me, I don’t care.

No one wants to be responsible.

No one wants to teach values to their children.

It”s time to do some soul searching and to fix the screwed up values out there.

Is it easy ? Hell no !

It’s time to return to the basics, to stand up for our Country, our family, our God, and the basic rights and wrongs we all were taught.

It’s time to toughen up, teach your children, take responsibility and take control !

It’s time.

It’s past time.

Time to be Dad.

Start today !!