Book review time folks. I have plenty to share with you, but here are five books you might want to check out:

  1. Cut & Thrust-Stuart Woods-Stone Barrington saves the day once again at a political convention. A timely topic isn’t it ? Depending on the candidate, saving the day may not be important !
  2. Tuesdays with Morey-Mitch Albom-Mitch is a local boy, and if you follow this blog. you know I enjoy anything Mitch writes. This is a touching story about reconnecting with a college mentor, twenty some years later. This is a true story of a college professor teaching a prized student (Mitch himself) some final life lessons.
  3. For One More Day-Mitch Albom- A struggling, broken man shows us some insight into the family he loved, chances in life we may have missed and how as a child or young adult we rarely know the real truth of what problems our parents have kept from us.
  4. The Big Leap-Gay Hendericks-This is one of the better “help” books I have read in awhile . If you are a type “A” person, this is all about you. Common barriers we get stuck in are discussed and tips to ditch screwed up beliefs and fears are offered. A new spin on age old challenges.
  5. I Can See Clearly Now-Wayne Dyer-This is the best book I have read in the last couple years. Order it today! It instantly made it to my Top 16-list. This is on  my list of the top 16 books everyone must read. It is basically an autobiography by Wayne highlighting the key principles and advice shared in all of his other books and audio products. It is a book about serving others, sharing of inspiration, when to accept your fears, igniting dormant forces, better mental decisions and how to-Let go & Let God. I could teach a full class just on this book !