Thanks to all, for the  kind words over the last book review I posted. I have been busy reviewing a ton of writing lately and even jotted down a few words myself for a new project.

But, as always, the nightstand is full with more books to gobble up when I can.

Here is the scoop on five more I have completed:

  1. It’s Decision Time-Suzanne Evans (no relation)-Suzanne is a get in your face type person & offers in very blunt form suggestions to move you and your business forward. 365 daily comments to make you move your butt in some direction. Direct and short suggestions to get ya thinking.
  2. Make Waves-Patti Johnson-I like the flow of this book. It is about making impactful changes. Changes in your life, your company, the world. This a “how to” make a big impact. Full of cool stories of folks that shook the status quo.
  3. From Flawed to Fantastic-“Fantastic” Frank Johnson-Frank is a friend that I have worked with for many years. This is his story. Frank was left for dead in a body bag-imagine that ! Frank sustained a closed head injury but that did not stop him from being Fantastic and inspiring folks all around the country !
  4. Mother Teresa, CEO-Ruma Bose & Lou Faust-Mother Teresa’s contributions to the world are well known. People forget that she grew her organization to over a million people. See how she managed people, dealt with public relations and built a fund raising machine. Business advice from the life of someone you would have not thought could help you.
  5. Launch-Jeff Walker-Jeff is consider the “man” if you want to get a product or business off the ground. He shares his formula for getting started and positioning. Tons of info. to dig through ! Great reference tool !

Ok, there ya go ! Find one or more of these books that sound like they can help and order them today.

Oh ya, you have to read them and then take ACTION !