Hi gang ! I quick note to let you know there is so much to talk about I don’t know where to start. Been there ?

After a big deadline on the 17th I’m regrouping to see all I ignored and all I need to do. My “to do’ list now is 413 pages long. Spending time just figuring out the truly important.


Wondering why 9 days have passed and why there still is a “to do” list.

Catching my breath.


Start some new projects, finish old ones. See some friends. Catch up on 800 plus emails. Gotta let most of them go unless they are direct messages. No special deals, special, once in a life time offers, shiny objects, Holy Grails.

Look for a new puppy, take care of the in-laws, worry a bit about the wife, get a nasty eye infection, try to go fishing, open the cottage, some playoff hockey, do a little carving.

Relax ? Slow down ?

Hmm, not yet !