Crazy times are upon us. Maybe we blame it on the full moons but I don’t think so. In the last few days I have heard from folks with sad, weird stuff going on. Mothers who tell their adult children they are failures, couples splitting up, my wife crying as she comes home from work, people hating their jobs, people accepting crappy jobs just to pay the bills.

Are times changing –sure.

We need to be tougher.

We need to be more focused.

We need to focus on what makes us happy, what we are grateful for and to let go and relax a little bit.

All easier to say than to do.

It will never happen unless we take time to reflect on these points.

What is truly important to us ?? Once we know that it makes focus so much easier.

We need to have faith, trust.

We need to go where we are celebrated not tolerated.

Change yes ! Putting up with bulls#@t-no !

Be focused. Be strong. Keep dreaming.

Dreaming is never optional !