This morning at the gym rather than rushing through my workout (yes I work out !), I really zoned in. Any of you that play or have played competitive sports know what I mean. I wasn’t really aware I was working out, I wasn’t watching the clock, I just kept working. It felt good. It felt right. When I was done, I had doubled my normal work out. I’m not sure I had the extra time but as I said it felt right. I was zoning. I was getting results.

Their isn’t aspect in life where this can’t come into play. If you are writing and it’s flowing–keep going. If you are organizing your office or home or closet and it’s flowing–keep going. If you are making cold calls and it feels right-keep going.

To often we lock ourselves into tight schedules. Too tight. We can breath. We can’t create. That is the way schools and corporate American have trained us. That is now ‘old school’ and God knows the corporate world is upside down and being reborn.

Be creative. Go with the flow if it is working and feels right.

By the way there is another name for zoning–FOCUS.

Go for it !

Give this some thought. Try it out. I think it will help.