Elmer Fudd made a living chasing Bugs Bunny.

He was determined.

He “stayed the course”.

Staying the course is pursuing a goal regardless of what gets in your way or how you are shunned or bitched at by family and friends.

Stay the course is doing something difficult that often takes a long time.

Way, way too many business owners totally miss the boat with this concept.

Instead they chase every shiny object.


They are mesmerized with every “get rich” quick scheme.

If there is no work required and I’ll make a lot of money-that’s for me !

There are so many choices out there today, you don’t know what to do.

Which are the right choices for you is a tough call.

I do know however, it’s imperative for you to dig in, stay the course, fight all the BS along the way and achieve success.

Success comes in many shapes and colors. Success is often expressed in business in dollars earned.

Chasing distracting shiny objects that lead nowhere rob you of time, money and peace of mind.

Shiny objects cause confusion and often mental drama.

Shiny objects lengthen the time for you to achieve success.

The more shiny things you look at, the more time you spend getting your head back together, and the more time it takes for you to get back on course.

Getting back on course to the important passion of yours that you know you must do no matter what.

Elmer may not have gotten that silly rabbit, but he knew what he wanted and nothing was going to stop him.

How about you ?