My wife Mary Ann and I , Saturday attended a Gourd Festival. A Gourd Festival ?? Yeah that is what I said too !

Plus it was an hour and half drive away from our house !

The beautiful Fall Michigan day let us not only endure the drive but enjoy it.

It was a 67 degree, sun shining day with Michigan football playing in the background.

We passed by a couple cider mills on the way but resisted stopping and the extra calories (until the trip home).

I didn’t know what to expect at the Gourd Festival at all.

Was it going to be like the biggest pumpkin patch in the world with a bunch of John Deere “Don’t You Think My Tractor Sexy” all in a row ?

Do we see the biggest, smallest, ugliest gourds ?

Well that wasn’t it at all. What we saw were a bunch of beautiful pieces of art.

Mainstream art ?

Probably not.

I’ll end this post with a picture of one of the gourds and let you be the judge on how to categorize it.

We also shared our viewing with 300 plus people while we were there.

If these people, these artists can take something simple like a gourd and make beautiful art, what simple things in your life are you accepting as nothing more than simple little things ?

Many of you, aren’t even accepting these little things but probably are bitc@ing about them.

What can you do to take these simple things, think out of the box, and use them to create something wonderful?

Something that radiates beauty, makes your family smile, makes you smile or maybe produces some much needed extra cash?

Maybe this simple little thing could create a new business that will let you fulfill your biggest dreams !

Simple sometimes produces really big results.

Overthinking could be a curse.

Pull out your cucumbers, your box of yo-yos, old computer parts, Mom & Dad’s attic junk, old ideas you have been holding on to and create something simple.

I know you’ll surprise yourself.

Surprise others like the Gourd Festival surprised me !

Enjoy this wonderful piece of art !

Gourd Fest

P.S. Did anyone but a true Red Wing fan get the headline ?