Yesterday I attended a luncheon and the table discussion was about how people have been changing over the last 20 years and all the crappy attitudes we keep seeing. I could really relate to what was being said and wanted to write just a few words to express my feelings.

As I sat down with my thoughts, my mind drifted to our Veterans especially or Vietnam vets and wanted to write about that also. I then realized there was a heck of a lot of overlap between attitude and gratitude.

Way too many people today wonder what you , what I , what the government can do for them. They are entirely self centered and don’t give a rip about anyone but themselves. They don’t want to give back. They don’t want to help others. It’s a me, me ,me attitude.

I heard today some idiot proposed that Veterans have a co-pay on their service related injuries. An 80/20 plan because that’s what I have so why should they be special ??? I’ll gladly pay their 20 % as I’ll guess you will too with my tax dollars. Budget cuts are indeed need but some common sense and basic gratitude has to take place. Just plain old common sense (that sure isn’t so common now a days !) should steer your insides to thank these brave men and women .

Vietnam vets were mocked in the 70’s and it turned my stomach. These folks never received our thanks and gratitude . Society blew it with these folks.

It’s time to take a good like at your attitudes to be sure you aren’t stuck on the me, me thing or your never be happy. You’ll never be successful however you define success.

It’s time to be grateful for all you have ,for the men and women who served you, who kept us free and safe, for this Country with all the faults it has, and for everything else you have been stuck complaining about. Thank all those veterans you know again and again !

God Bless the USA !!

PS My father-in-law served proudly in WWII so publicly –thanks Dad !!!