First of all, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to see what Doug has to say. As I was developing this site and my very first blog, I reflected on just where I should start and then it became very obvious- gratitude. As truly blessed as I am , I decided I needed to thank many important people in my life. The full list of those people I truly need to thank would take many, many pages. I know, sure as you know, that I’ll miss some but here goes my best shot !

First, thank you again for being interested in my view points and interested in changing and improving your lives. You can change and improve and as we move forward and I’ll be more than happy and willing to help you. I owe all of the following wonderful people for the help and encouragement that has brought me here today. If some of you reading this today don’t feel that type of gratitude in your lives and most of all about yourself, stick with me and we’ll get you there . Promise !!

I have to start with thanking my wife – Mary Ann. She has been with me for more years than anyone would believe !! We have indeed persevered through some bad times but enjoyed many, many more good times in our lives together. She is my “rock” that is always there for me and has blessed me with four fantastic children – Debbie, Mike, Pam and David. They are what it is all about and what make things right at the end of each day. Mary Ann, you truly are the love of my life !! Thank you !!

Debbie, Mike, Pam and David – thanks for putting up with Dad’s bad jokes, weird ways of doing things, taking halves of everything and repeating embellished old stories. You guys have brought more joy to me than you can imagine. I’ll match my proud Dad stories with anyone and as you know by the time I’m done with the story, you’ll be leaping tall buildings !! Each of you blessed Mom and I with the loves of your lives and blended them with our family. You have started building families of your own (don’t start me with my wonderful grandkid stories !) and will soon understand all of this if you don’t already. Thanks for my new little playmates. I need to keep having new opportunities to tell my old stories !! One old story that I don’t share nearly often enough is- I love you all !!!

Thanks to my Mom & Dad who left us way too many years ago and to my sister Kathy, the other person in my life I can always count on.

Thanks to my in-laws (all of you) for their support to me and the family at all times and providing me with my special person –Mary Ann.

Thanks to the balance of my family, friends I consider family (you know who you are), Barb my “right hand” at the office and all who we have “kicked around with “ for all these years !

Thanks for the wisdom, direction and support of Bob Proctor, Andy Andrews, my partners at Team National, all my mastermind partners, my Champion’s Club buddies, the close friends that developed from the Champion’s Club and the great folks of the “28”.

A special thank you to Vic and Lisa Johnson for their guidance and support. Without Vic, this blog, this site and many more things would not be possible. Vic showed me how to dream again, maintain balance in my life (at least try real hard !), and how the whole big picture works !

Last but not at all the least – thank God for all the blessings he has bestowed upon me !!

Doug 2-8-09