It’s been way too long since I have had a chance to update this blog. Too much time has passed. When you feel you are on a roll delays are a pain in the butt ! Period !

The new and IMPROVED  site is up ! It feels good to be up a rolling ! Many obstacles were tossed at me but PERSISTENCE paid off.

Persistence which is to me, focused stubbornness !

This I have, ask anyone who knows me.

I wish I knew more about web design & I will !

Many thanks to Brain Groce at to put all the broken pieces together and make it happen.

Brain is one of our stars this week and you’ll see the “3 Stars” make a comeback right here real soon !

There are a ton of fantastic people out there who need to be recognized !

It’s time to rock and continue to make a difference.

If you have ideas, time, talents, inclinations, excitement or are moved or want to help me in a small way , a big way, a HUGE way–let me know “cause we are going to kick some butt.

I’ll graciously accept your help, your friendship, maybe your guidance.

We are just starting to roll one more time.

I need ya and appreciate you all !

If you have ideas and concepts for me to cover here–let me know.

Causes that can’t be ignored-let me know.

Want to make a difference-let me know.

Want to help change the world-let’s do it !

Pass the word to anyone and everyone–WE ARE BACK !