Vic Johnson a great mentor and friend of mine, introduce me to a 10 step New Year’s Toast many years ago and it remains one of my favorites. The first 10 steps are from Vic.  I have added my thoughts on “how” to accomplish each step.  I’ve also added another 10 steps to this long time toast of mine.

In 2015 may you:

1) Achieve more – We do this through persistence, time, personal growth and by investing in ourselves

2) Believe more – This is done through faith. Believing it can be and will be accomplished.

3) Celebrate more -We all get so busy chasing things, usually goals, that we forget to take credit for what victories enter our lives

4) Do More – Not that you all have been sitting on the couch but do more of the right things that will lead you to your dreams.

5) Expect more- You get what you expect in life. Have no fear ! Take more chances.

6) Fail more -success is growth through failure. There are no failures, just lessons.

7) Love more – Love everyone. Become more than you are. Love all people, especially those close to you. Love them more. Really love them !

8) Relax more – Do the things you love . Play golf, go hiking, go fishing, do some woodcarving !

9) Reach for more. Go for it–never ever settle ! Go for the moon !

10 ) Read more – We don’t read enough. Any answer you need can be found in a book.

Now 10 more :

11) Laugh more- We all take life way too serious. Laugh, enjoy. Let some of that bottled up stress go.

12) Think more – We are 500-600 % smarter than we ever give ourselves credit for. Within you are the answers you are seeking.

13) Reflect more – Take some quiet time and look where you are, where you want to go and what is or is not working for you.

14) Be supported more -We all need cheerleaders in our lives. Most of us have very few and those we have sure could cheer louder !

15) Attract more- The law of attraction is alive and well. Focus on what you want . Visualize it and it will over time become part of your life.

16) Chill more- Learn to let go. Let things be. Give it time. If you are spiritual-Let go and Let God !

17) Dream more–How this was off the original list was shocking. Dream big dreams. Dream and dream again. Dreaming is never optional. It all starts here !

18) Pray more- pray to your Supreme being . To me and many this is God. I think, , our world is getting screwier every day and scares me. Some divine intervention can’t hurt us or the world.

19) Communicate more- Folks don’t talk any more. There is little face to face interaction. Feelings, facial expressions, body language are important. LOL, K, BFF, etc. just don’t cut it all the time !

20) Drop more- We all are just too damn busy. Chop down that to do list ! Keep that to do list under ten pounds !

Happy New Year !

Doug Evans betterdickclark