Hello Superman!

Howdy Superwomen !

Batman where are you ?




My business has 2,5, 25 employees.

They are wonderful people.

Well most of them.

I’m not real sure about Bruce.

Hmm, maybe Mary too.

But…. none of them can do their work as good as me.

As fast as me.

I have to do it all.

I have been in business for years and I still have to do it all.

Does this sound like anyone you know.

Superman, Superwoman–still there?

Deep down you know this is a HUGE formula for failure.

Let it go.

If your business has been stuck, hasn’t been growing, isn’t where it should be, I’ll guarantee this is part of your formula.

The formula not working.

It’s time to look for excellent work NOT perfect work.

If your people can’t get the work done, train them, motivate them, move them out if you have to.

They are YOUR team.

Cherish them, lead them, talk to them but don’t ever think you have to do it all.

Business owners tell me this over and over again.

It is total BULLSH@T!

If you wonder about Bruce and Mary , it is probably past the time to make a move.

It’s time to move Superman, Superwoman, Batman to the Cape Town retirement community.

Slow ‘er down.


Business is a team game.

Play it that way !