My friend Paul Coleman sent a CNN clip of a talk Herman Cain recently gave. I know very little about Mr. Cain and this is NOT an endorsement. I did enjoy  his talk about how America is now buried in media blast, political candidate blasts, Washington blasts that everything is a Crisis. The energy Crisis, the Wall street Crisis, the economy Crisis, the moral Crisis and on and in the news daily.

Crisis is a fear label. It is used to keep America in fear each day. Fear so the government can spoon feed us what to do. Fear so we freeze in our tracks, don’t have faith, don’t have hope, don’t get off our fannies, don’t try, don’t dream, don’t think for ourselves.

I refuse to support any candidate, any party, and political officer that stoops so low to preach fear. Politicians should not  scare the confused, the hurting, the weak.

Preach hope, faith and the American dream, have a plan, have some guts, have some spunk & we’ll talk !