More and more people now a days say they are in business but I wonder if they are.

Sure they have had $20 worth of business cards printed but is that “in business” ?

Do they have a product or service to sell and are they trying to really market themselves?

Do they go beyond business card exchanges, school functions and the local bar looking for sales ?

Do they have any kind of a formal or rough business plan ?

Do they know who their target market is ?

Do they know how to make MONEY, make PROFITS selling their product or service?

Are they a student of their industry looking for ways to get the edge over their competition?

Are they working on themselves so they continue to grow as a person.

Do they care if they succeed.

Did they invest money, time and talent ? What “skin” do they have in the game ?

Do they pursue success with unlimited passion ?


are they just messing around and looking cool justifying the $20 business card expense.

Are they really between jobs, still looking for work, or really could give a damn if they ever find a job?

I’m in business for myself may just mean what we once called unemployed !

If you are truly in business , get busy and approach it with such a passion no one has to guess which category you fit in !

Make money, make profits, make people love you !