Multi-level sales teams, big corporations, church groups, school districts, non-profit volunteers all operate day by day in a cloud of lies. Lies that cripple growth. Lies that provide a deadly undercurrent.

Let me tell you a story.

Several years ago, a group of us were discussing how we all feed our minds with lie after lie due to our habits, our upbringing, and our environment.

These lies poison our minds, hold us back and limit our achievement.

Six of us that took place in that late night discussion decided we need to do something to educate others of the fallacy of the lies we bury ourselves in and lies we see destroy so many people.

We were all members of Vic Johnson’s platinum council and had developed a tight bond with one another and the quest of spreading the truth.

At first,we decided to find the 101 most common lies people tell themselves and offer practical action steps to take on these lies to hopefully help them vanish once and for all.

We could come up with 101, 201, or 801 lies but decided on 61 lies that were the most common. We wanted to focus our efforts on these 61 biggest lies that confused, paralyzed, and froze the progress of all too many dreams.

We each chose lies that we had lived through or watched others live through that caused pain, frustration, fear, and tears.

The 10 Lies I write about and offer action steps on how to eliminate these destructive thoughts were:
1) Goal setting is nothing but BS.
2) I can do it all myself.
3) If I work hard, money will follow.
4) There is no sense in dreaming, it will never happen.
5) You don’t attract anything in life.
6) It’s all about work.
7) There is no reason to read any more, I’m done with school
8) All change is bad
9) It’s a dog eat dog world out there and you only need to watch out for yourself.
10)  I have nothing to be thankful for.

51 other lies and 51 more action steps are all yours if you’ll invest the time. The action steps are all easy to do but also—easy not to do.

Grab your copy below of 61 Lies and get started today—you won’t be sorry !