I’m just back from a nice 4th of July celebration in Northern Michigan with my family. Nine adults and five Grandchildren five an under. Add two dogs, an Aunt, An Uncle, 5 more cousins and I’ll call it a full house.

My almost two year old Grandson reminded me often he loved me. Several of the Grandkids echoed his reminder that he repeated six to seven times a day. It was nice to hear. I think everyone wants to hear they are loved. Reminders are important.

As the Grandkids competed to see who could yell “I love you” the loudest I remembered the old one hit wonder by “Mashmakhan”. Maybe some of you remember it also. The song was “As The Years Go By”. The lyrics of the song deal with the many definitions of love. The song tells us that to a child, love means will you protect me. To a mother, I love you, may mean you have been a good boy.

Love to a 17 year old girl may mean, will you respect me. To her boyfriend, I love you may mean, can I make love to you ?

I love you may mean, will you marry me ? Or, I will always be true to you.

To an elderly women, do you love me, means please tell me again and again that you do.

To an elderly man, I love you often means, I will love you to the end.

Love is complicated.

The meaning of the word love is complicated.

Yet, we all love to and need to hear it often.

Thanks to all the little ones for reminding Papa this past week end about love !