Maybe it is just me, but my God, I can’t believe the news lately. For years I try to avoid the news because more than 50 % of has been negative. Now, if I turn on the news, 98% of it is negative. Ethical, objective reporting is gone. Reporters are on obvious agendas to influence a position – not report the news. Sides are taken on an issue, a political agenda adopted and the viewpoint is preached. Even the weather man this Spring brings depressing news.

If I turn on a sports channel, I hear about an athletes sexual preference, religious viewpoints, how they beat up their girlfriend, found their new girlfriend or their latest DUI. Highlights from the games the night before or even sports scores are tough to come by.

From my viewpoint this is total B.S. As a matter of fact, this totally sucks . I see no effort out there to help change this vicious circle.

I hope I’m not alone on this.

Please tell me at least a handful of you understand this.

Please tell me a few of you say enough is enough.

Please tell me you are a little PO’d and ready to fight back.

Please tell me you have a few ideas.

Let me, let the world know what you think is the answer.

None of us can hang our hats on just one issue and get stuck on that issue.

We have to agree to disagree on some things and ban together on the issues we can agree on. Disagreement doesn’t mean-I HATE YOU.

We need to demand better reporting and better ethics.

I look forward to Northern Michigan small town news. Reports about the ducks that held up traffic, the new donut shop that is opening in town and the big bass little Johnny caught.

Please tell me I’m not the only who longs for this.

Please comment on what you think the “magical” answer may be !

We’re in this together !