Lately, I have been burning both ends of the candles. Long days with some exciting results and some not too exciting results.

Extra time devoted to the CPA practice this time of year and the training I am providing has been picking up as well.

The news with world turmoil, threats and nasty debates over social policies never lets up.

Politics are very ugly on both sides of the aisle.

People socially are grumpy and discouraged. They bitch about the world turmoil,threats to our safety and security, threats to the way of life they have enjoyed for many years. Most people would like to toss out all politicians in DC and start all over.

The economy is still weak. Gas prices continue to rise.

Folks are paying more taxes than ever before yet more taxes we are told may be needed to make things work.

Smiles are few and far between.

It’s time to count our blessings (while we can ). It’s time to stand up for our beliefs. It’s time to smile and look for the positive out there.

It’s time to hold our heads up and to stop looking at our shoes .

It’s time to find a way to work together. Just because we disagree on a issue or issues, I don’t have to hate you and you don’t need to hate me.

Hate must stop.

I may be regressing to the 60’s but love needs to drive us. Love has to control our actions. It’s time to do our part and get this mixed up world back on track.

This may sound idealistic but heck, we need to start somewhere.

Who’s with me ??