The 3 Stars are back but I will probably just recognize them on a monthly basis. There are a bunch of great people out there and many, many impact and influence my life but most of you couldn’t get excited about the kudos I was expressing. I invited you to nominate impact people in your lives but you just didn’t want to contribute or you are doing it all alone. I hope you all were just a little on the lazy side.

I appreciate and have great gratitude for those that help me mentally, physically or spiritually.

Here are 3 “special” people you need to know about.

1) Madison Veterinary Hospital. A few special people here and most of all a caring, special staff. A couple weeks ago we lost our friend, our family member Roxy. Roxy was our family dog (a corgie) fro the last 13 1/2 years. Dr. James Coleman was her vet for all that time and did an excellent job. Dr. Coleman was on medical leave when Roxy passed but Dr. Scott Isaacson filled in and helped very well. The staff at Madison Veterinary was helpful, caring and compassionate. We couldn’t have asked for more. Many thanks to all that helped through out the years !

2) Tom Hindes woodcarver extraordinaire ! Tom carves fantastic stuff but considers anything carved  using wood larger than 2 inches a waste of trees. Tom sent to me after a long, tough, pain in the butt a 2 inch tall leprechaun. Tom knows of my book A Leprechaun in Your Pocket and wanted me to have one for my pocket. Tom was just being the nice guy he is but his timing was fantastic as the carving !

3) John Maxwell-Mr Leadership. John is a leadership expert, author, pastor and speaker. I have read many of his books, listened to his cd’s in my university on wheels for a long time. I found an old cd of John’s that he did for a MLM group years ago and hung on his every word. Out of all I had read and heard, this cd had the biggest impact.Besides getting me thinking for days, I realized just how much of my coaching of individuals and Companies involved leadership training. John’s style is so relaxed you’ll enjoy it for sure. I’d love one day to sit with him and just chit chat about life. Maybe one day, I’ll have the chance.

These are my 3 Stars. Thank them for me, support them and be sure to find out more about them . You will be glad you did !

Bang your sticks on the ice for these stars !!