In 1776 our forefathers didn’t like what the heck was going on , they made some very tough decisions, planned, unified, took action and founded this great Country on basic principles they believed in.

Notice the pattern:
tough decisions

These basic steps are the independence steps for darn near anything.

Business problems, relationship issues, a new business venture, health issues and on and on.

Many folks seem to be upset at where our nation is today. I can’t say I blame them but complain and whine they will but tough decisions and action don’t seem to happen. That is for someone else.

Don’t rock the boat.

This attitude holds back any change. Any situation– political, economic it doesn’t matter.

There is risk.

When our country was formed , the risk for our forefathers was death from England. It was threatened many times.

With a relationship there is risk of rejection.

Political view points same thing . Your viewpoints may be rejected or someone won’t like your view. There may be disagreement. There may be confrontation.

Business ventures have the risk of financial loss.

There is always risk if you leave your bubble of security.

It’s time to celebrate our country’s independence.

It’s time to make some tough decisions, get some backbone and do what you know you need to do.

Take some action. Declare your own personal independence.

Wait no longer .

Do it today !