I am just returning from the Evans family annual 4th of July gathering.

My short vacation that causes an immediate need for another vacation.

This year, we were fortunate enough that all my children and Grandchildren could make it .

Uncle Roger, back home is now healthy and stayed healthy after one heck of a scare a year ago (blessing for us).

19 0f us and 2 dogs. Normally, we would have 3 dogs but Dakota’s arthritis just wouldn’t allow him to make the trip. (missed ya Dakota !)

19 in about a 1200 square foot cottage (and a big popup ) is “cozy”.

One bathroom helps us hone our scheduling skills.

Having a VERY wooded lot and having half of our group being boys REALLY helps if you follow my drift !

We spend a lot of quality time together. Tons of beach and boating time, a little golf, a birthday celebration (happy birthday Mike!), bonfires, cards, fireworks, fishing, sparklers and putt-putt.

We have a portable city that moves with us.

With family across the lake, we invaded the local miniature golf course with 32 of us. Mr. Putt-putt was back after his land contract sale fell through.

Family gathering from Michigan, Illinois, Indiana & Alaska has 40 of us at the beach. We kinda just take it over.

Never are you alone, you need start and stop signs to move within the cottage, hot water for a quick shower is iffy.

If you put your sandwich down to go back to the frig for a little more mayonnaise, you may come back to find a Mom cleaned it up thinking one of the kids were all done eating. Having someone actually admit they were the cause of you making another sandwich is almost impossible.

When the gang all leave, there is a really weird unidentified sound–quiet. 🙂

Hectic–yup. Would I ever want to miss it–no way !