The craziest election I have ever seen is over. With the popular vote split down the middle, half of you are happy, half disappointed. Regardless of your side, change is coming.

Change is one of those bittersweet things. It often gets us to where we need to be or want to be. Change pulls us sometimes through fear but always unchartered waters. It normally has some level of stress associated with it. The stress of uncertainty.

Uncertainty can overwhelm you but try to use it to change to increase your focus. Use the feelings you have to fuel you, to challenge you, to fire you up.

A couple sports analogies come to mind.

In football if you are playing against the hot quarterback in the league, you wonder if you can shut him down. The uncertainty worries you at least a tad but the challenge and the glory if you shut him down, fires you up !

In hockey the hot goaltender is always a challenge . Anxiety sets in,  but all you want to do is pump a bunch of goals by him. You know you have to find a way.

In life, change is no different.

What do you need to change ?

Do you need to find more time ? Make more money ? Spend more time with your family ? Improve your spiritual goals. Relax more ? Sleep more? Exercise more ? Eat less ? Drink less ? Calm down ? Shut off the TV ?

You know what you need to do. Do it ! It’s tough to do alone. Get a coach, get a buddy , get some help.

The country is about to change, maybe it’s time for you too !