I know I have been away for awhile. Times have been busy, hot weather has attacked and blessed us, a new puppy has been welcomed to the family and my mood has been full of opinions that all I know will not agree with.

I promise to post more often. You may or may not agree with what I have to say but it must be said. I respect you all and hope you will be challenged by my thoughts and reflections.

Below is a long time feeling of mine and I know many others. I finally reduced it to words that express some important concerns. Feel free to share this with family, friends, customers, etc. We need to be talking not yelling to one another and establishing first and foremost our common ground.

For years I have complained better described as “witched” but with a subtle letter change, that America ( God Bless Her) would never revert to her glory until we did away with the Democrats and Republicans and found a strong political party to rally around to stir some much needed excitement into this Country.

I think we finally have those three parties but the three parties probably aren’t the three you may be thinking. Also the excitement I am looking for is now just a HUGE case of disgust.

Here are three parties:
1) The good old Republicans
2) The good old Democrats
3) The new “This is Total B.S”. party

The first two parties if you need more information about, turn on your television watch the National news, the Constant Negative News channel, or the other animal channel (FOX).

Many people, me included think our political system is broken. Period—no disclaimers. No tiny footnotes explaining when it is or isn’t.

No one in politics gives a rat’s you know what, is good for America.

No one has or can use common sense.

Politicians are in their ivory towers and my God (can I still say that?) have lost touch with the rest of the world.

No one wants to excite America, unify America, and rebuild America.

They all want to bitch about what is wrong about the other party or candidate.
We are never allowed to know what a politician’s stance is on any major issue other than the blah, blah they have memorized or the teleprompter tells them to say.

These are stances, positions that will change again, spinned again in the morning based on if their overnight ratings have gone up or down.

No convictions, no beliefs just political wiggling each and every day for more votes.

Politicians have no guts to take a stance, believe in it, get excited about it and make a true difference in today’s turmoil.

We no longer hear of the strengths, the talents a politician bring to office and the press allows this. Many will say the press “is” one of those big two parties we have had for years.

President “you know who”, is eating his “you didn’t build that” words and anger amongst many people especially the “mom and pop” business owners is outrageous. Strong Obama supports have told me they even think he jumped the shark with this comment.

The saga of dumb remarks is rampant on both sides of the aisle.

Congress appears to be lost in space.

With this turmoil, this lack of hope, the “This is B.S. party was formed and is the biggest political party out there

The members of this party are unorganized, apathetic, frustrated, and angry and near tears.

They wonder Where Have All The Leaders Gone., just as Lee Iacocca did in 2007 when he released his book with this same title.

Leaders that were scarce in 2007, are totally extinct today.

Leading isn’t politically correct anymore.

You may make someone unhappy. Someone may not get their way. There may be a winner. There may be a loser.

If you run for office, the press will crucify you and tell the world you pulled little Sally’s pigtails in third grade, you once “double dipped” your potato chip at a party and are now on the nightly news because someone caught you checking out the cute blonde next store as she walked by in her new bikini.

Aren’t politics wonderful?

The Total BS party can’t and hasn’t supported a political candidate for years.

The have voted for 10, 15, 20 years against some jerk and never for a candidate.

They long for someone to vote for, get excited about and support. The long for hope, inspiration dare I say leadership?

Someone with a plan who has the guts and determination to make sure it happens.

Someone who wants America to shine and can convince people that change may not but easy but is indeed necessary.

Someone who has some rare, old fashion common sense, values, ethics and the charm to rally the Nation.

Isn’t it time for this person to emerge?

I’ll leave with a quote I just recently read and you will note it isn’t a “breaking alert” !

“One of the penalties of not participating in politics is that you will be governed by your inferiors.” – Plato