Dreaming. Do you or don’t you ?

Do you dream about the future or just have a fantasy dream after a couple of late night tacos ?

Dreams get us going. Dreams direct our lives, our focus our direction.

Many of us have forgotten how to dream or haven’t taken the time to dream in years. We get so busy that we never relax our mind and let it dream. Dare I say day-dream ?

Well it’s time for a change !!

It’s time to know and believe in our hearts that DREAMING IS NEVER OPTIONAL !

It’s time to dream and then dream again! Dreaming is never optional !

It’s time to find some quiet time and just let it all go and start to dream as kid again. What do you really want ? Forget all about what Mom wanted for you or where you are “stuck” today.

“Taking the risk to follow our hearts gives energy to our future and breathes life into our dreams”—Debbie Ford

Once we know our dreams, goals can be established. Goals that will constantly take you a step closer-even if a small step closer towards your dreams. Goals are a plan to help us realize our dreams. Goals plan the actions that must take place. Dreams and goals are the planning, the thinking , the blueprint of your life.

Action is the how ! Action is rolling up your sleeves and going for it !

Accomplishing your dreams require;
• Solid clear goals
• Action
• Pursuit
• Persistence

Persistence is often the key. Persistence, or as my wife calls it with me “stubbornness”. Call it whatever you want but it is the will to keep going, keep pushing over , around, or though obstacles to get what you truly want in life !

Real dreams are what you truly desire deep down. Dreams are worth pursuing. Dreams are worth sacrifice. They are not-I wish! They are not – I want! They are a burning desire to accomplish something or have something.

You dreams will happen if you have the courage to pursue them !!

Protect your dreams and the dreams of your love ones. Protect them because they are one of your most valued possessions. Don’t ever let anyone steal your dreams.

We have established that dreaming is NEVER optional ! So what are your dreams?? It’s now your turn to dream and dream again !!

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.”-Thoreau