Have you ever had one of those weeks when all the “poop” seems to hit the fan ?? You work you butt off, have a careful plan, follow that plan but get nothing “big’ done that you planned ??

That was last week for me.

Mary Ann and I snuck away to Myrtle Beach for 4 days and really recharged. It was great !

We arrived back home pretty tired got ready to call it a day and our dog Roxy had a seizure and off to the animal hopital we go.

Welcome home !

Then as Mary Ann and I jumped back into our personal and business routines little challenges popped up all week. Nothing big, nothing serious but many situations that needed to be addressed and addressed right now– not later.

What did we do ??

We hung in there. We knew in the BIG picture this was just “stuff’ to work through. We knew it would pass. We knew it was an inconveince. We knew we could jump into the things we wanted to do, needed to do, to continue to accomplish our goals would start up very soon.

We knew that all the little challenges of the week were for a reason. A reason we may or may not find out.

I bet all of this sounds familiar to you.

Next time this happens to you, remember it happens to us all !

Hang in there !