Look out !!!

School has started it’s every man and woman for themselves.

I just returned from my morning walk and now need time to recover.

I’m so shook, I’m spilling my coffee as I try to take a drink !

It’s all over me !

I walked by the local middle school and saw teachers setting land speed records in the parking lot not to be late for the first day of school !

One teacher had to do a last minute swerve to miss a fellow teacher headed for her spot ! She then had to slam on the brakes to not rip off the driver door that opened next to the parking space she was “conquering”!

Soccer Mom’s were not even slowing for stop signs. One mini-van ran over a discarded box fan out for the trash and plastic flew in all directions like an explosion scene on TV.

I’ve heard more burned rubber and seen more wheelies than I did during the Dream Cruise.

Being a Detroit boy , that’s saying something

My wife yesterday was so busy planning her day she drove past the street the school was on !

Careful out there people !

In-a-hurry Dad was on his neon lime crotch rocket with his shorts and winter parka.

Mom’s everywhere had this grin and the get the $#@^ out of my way expression. I’m not sure if they are late for working or drooling over the chance to use their “MOM caves” for the first time in three months !

My buddy John from Vermont called the emergency hot line to pull him through these tough times while in only his second year of dating a teacher.

John forgot the “school starting spouse basics” I taught him. Tips like always wear camouflage clothing ( I even bought him his first survival shirt !), camouflage face paint is a must, and hide but– be sure to never use the same spot twice.

It’s hunting season out there guys and we are the hunted.

Ladies if your husband is a teacher, I’m sure you have stories too !

Shhhhhhhhhhhh, I think my wife found me !! Gotta run !

P.S. John, buddy, hang on–reinforcements are coming ! This only lasts two weeks !