I was working this morning with another very frustrated worker. I have been helping a lot lately with coping skills and developing exit plans.

We have helped some of these people start their own business.

It is getting pretty ugly out there.

People are depressed, physically ill, not sleeping at night, walking around in a fog, unhappy, fighting with their spouses, yelling at the kids for no good reason and just plain P.O.’D !

This isn’t the way it is suppose to work.

There are answers.

They may be tough answers.

For some, very tough.

I hate seeing this.


I know I can help.


The most frustrated industries of people coming to me are:
Health Care (especially nurses)
Teachers (very frustrated!)
Small Business Owners
Sales Professionals

Do you know other occupations that are hurting?

Let me know if I can help you, someone you love, a family member or a good friend.

I know I can !

It’s ok to ask for help.