Just the other day..just the other day is the lyrics to an old song in my head. I thought it was the Mamas and the Papas and I’m sure it wasn’t the Blue Angel or Cyndi Lauper versions.

Never less, I was on the expressway driving to the hospital for my mother in laws surgery knowing that after the operation, I’d have to go into the office and work a very long day way into the night.I wasn’t haven’t having the happiest of thoughts when suddenly in front of me was a brand spanking new Lund fishing boat with a BIG 150 hp engine hanging on the back.

I became so , so jealous that here goes some joker with a day fishing on the lake scheduled while I was STUCK waiting in the O.R. room and a late coffee filled night at the office.

Wow !

Then it hit me ! It was all about focus. All successful people learn the power of focus. While today a day on the lake- a day of fishing wasn’t in the cards for me it would be soon. Next week, next month it would be my turn and as I drove to the lake, someone else would be having a busy day, see me on the road and be jealous since their day would be a tough one.

It’s all about focus. It’s all about doing what you need to do.

Today was about supporting Mom and a long , long day at the office. Fun would be around the corner.

Work hard-play hard but FOCUS !

What do you need to focus on today ? Tomorrow ? This week ? This month ??