A couple weekends ago, I ended up seeing relatives two days in a row I hadn’t seen in 15 years or so.

As a little kid,  I got to see both sides of the family at least once a year and usually much more. As the families grew, our contact decreased and once Mom & Dad passed we darn near lost contact.

It really was kinda weird this all happened two days in a row.

Saturday, I attended my Aunt Carol’s funeral. Aunt Carol was the last of a generation (an in-law) on my Dad’s side of the family. It was great seeing cousins but at best, we had five minutes to catch up on 15 years. Not enough time, that’s for sure. My cousin Dan is the only one I keep in contact with and even the two of us have way too short conversations.

The next day, Sunday, my Aunt Joyce, Mom’s youngest sister, celebrated her 50th anniversary. 50 years–not too shabby ! It was strange and yet very nice, to see cousins on a happy occasion. 50 plus relatives were there and once again a long conversation was limited to 5 minutes to catch up on 15 years.

Five minutes for 15 years.

How would you sum up your last 15 years in 5 minutes?

Think about it.

Post your thoughts below.

I have to hear how you would do it !