Music is often a great stress reliever for me and lately I have been having several conversations about music.

I’m a closet musician at heart but never learned to play any instrument well. My first attempt to learn guitar way back in high school was a failure due to my attitude and an a inexperienced teacher. My second attempt about 15 years ago I can put a good chunk of the blame on my instructor. She wanted to only teach me music I didn’t know or like. I then tried to “self” teach myself which is a method for Doug that never seems to work regardless what I am learning.

Learning the guitar is still on my bucket list once I find a very patient mentor. My quest for such a man or woman continues. I gave one volunteer but he is in Tennesse and I’m in Michigan.

Here are a few developments and I welcome your comments and input (as always)–any time.

The current talk of the town is Adele. With her winning 6 Grammy’s including best song and best record of the year you are a sure shot to generate some chatter. Adele’s songs on her record all seemed to deal with hurt, pain, and sorrow. Hurt, pain, sorrow she experienced and then made millions based on these emotions. A combination we see in life all the time. How can you take your hurt, pain or sorrow and reverse these feelings for your own good ?? Think this over. There maybe something there.

James Taylor–I have been looking for my greatest hits cd’s for about 3 weeks. How much time could I have saved my being better organized ?? How will better organization help your life?? What changes do you need to make ??

FYI-Bob Seger has a new record coming out this Fall. I can’t wait. Bob grew up near me and still lives close. I can remember watching him live for pocket change and sitting around talking to him and his manager Punch. What does this mean ??? Hmmm, I’ve been around. Yeah, we’ll stick with that !

St Patty’s Day coming soon. I’m looking froward to some great Irish music. I’ll miss the Kreelers live this year ( they have a gig out of town) but will dig out their cd’s and a few by Blackthorn & Tullamore Dew also. A great time of the year !