Election time—may November come ASAP !

Like almost all elections (all ?) it’s Liar #1 vs Liar #2.

I often wonder how people chose their candidate to vote for.

Is it based on who can tell the best lie ?

How do you determine the best candidate ?

Is it who says what you want to hear on a single issue you are PO’d about?

Or who lies in the style you use when you lie ?

Do I vote for the best looking or the ugliest ?

Does ugly equal intelligence ?

Do you vote for the party that shouted the loudest at the convention ?

How about the candidate best dressed or the wife of the candidate who dressed the best ?

Do we add up the clothing budget and vote for who spent the most or the least?

How about whomever wore our favorite color ?

Do we vote for the favorite or the underdog ?

Do we vote for the candidate that lives closest to us or the furthest?

Do we vote for the person who last called us at 11pm or the candidate that called the most ?? (Do you have your call tally sheet near the phone ?)

Do we vote the easy way and just vote as your union, church or next door neighbor tells us.

Maybe vote based on the coolest name?

Our crazy system has “jumped the shark” Even Fonzie is ashamed.

It’s time to find a better way people. This election process is so silly it is embarrassing.

Hmm, maybe I’ll vote this year for the candidate with the longest nose !